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M7 TAX transforms the financial trajectory of Fastlane Freight Systems

M7 TAX, the leader in Accounting and Business Management for the trucking and construction industry. The accounting professionals at M7 TAX not just understand the nuances of truckers but also lead the way in making their business hassle-free. Being in the accounting industry for over 25 years, they have been helping owner-operators, fleet companies, and drivers with accounting, tax, HST filing, financial consultancy, budgeting, reporting, application for government support programs, and applications for funding by creditors and governments.

The truckers are on the road for the most part of their working lives and they have their bills, receipts and expense records in a shoebox. Getting back their fair share of tax returns from CRA is difficult since digging the shoebox for paperwork is a herculean task. But M7 TAX understands the workflow of truckers and provides their trucking clients with free software on their mobile phones to capture every bill and expense and thereby claim every penny while filing taxes with CRA.

One of their esteemed clients Fastlane Freight Systems (FFS), is a major player in the trucking industry in Canada and the United States. M7 TAX onboarded FFS very recently and already began to bring value to the cash flow and GST/HST filings of FFS. Like most of the young breed of truckers, FFS was not made aware to register for Carbon Tax by their previous accountants. But the professional accounting team at M7 TAX put the paperwork together in no time and made sure FFS got back $3000 from CRA towards Carbon Tax and received over $13,000 towards GST/HST returns that even the owner wasn’t expecting. That’s the difference between keeping receipts in the shoebox vs having them in the accounting software.

Mr. Marcos Lopes, CEO of M7 TAX says “it gives me great pleasure to onboard Fastlane Freight Systems as one of our esteemed clientele. We are committed to serving them with the most accurate, innovative and reliable accounting services and help them grow with business management ideas and concepts”.

The President & CEO of Fastlane Freight Systems, Mr. Lovepreet Brar responds “we are indeed glad to have finally found an accounting firm that acts as partners to our business. They understood our business in and out and within just a few weeks of meeting Marcos and his team, we were able to get our books organized. In addition, the team at M7 TAX helped us in retrieving the old records where our clients owed us over $41,000. Moreover, M7 Tax introduced us to their Factoring partners and with that, we are saving an additional $2,000+ every month. With M7 on our side, we are happy with the cash flow, and the future of my business looks bright.”

M7 TAX has 12 locations across Canada and USA and they can be reached at Toll-Free: 800-771-8244 or Email:, for any queries.

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